Increasing Your Case Acceptance

A simple step to increase case acceptance is to create a photo gallery you can share with your patients.  It's simple to do, so let's get started

  1. Take photo's of your patients:  Before and After their treatment. 
  2. Save photos in patients electronic chart AND a folder on your server 
  3. Label your folder something simple like "Implant Photos" "Pathology Photos" "Cosmetic Photos"
  4. Create a subfolder under each main folder.  Example:  "Implant photos" with subfolder single implants.
  5. Record a testimony from the patient regarding their treatment.  Ask questions like  
    1. What problems did they experience prior to treatment?                                
    2. How has the treatment improved their life?                                                      
    3. Would they recommend this treatment to others?

Make a video of the entire treatment experience if you find the right case and the right patient.  Every time a patient comes in for post op appointment, have them record 1-2 minutes about their symptoms and how they are doing.  

**Always remember to have the patient sign a release to use the photos and video for public use.  After you have compiled your photos and videos, USE THEM!  Show your new patients who are considering treatment the photo's and video testimonies.  Be sure you select those patients who had similar treatment to what your new patient is considering.    Here are 5 suggestions:

  1. Create an album for patients to glance through while they are in the reception room or the consultation room.
  2. Create a video or powerpoint presentation to show on the monitor while they are seated in the consultation  room.
  3. Create a link on your website and other social media platforms with the photos 
  4. Create an email with a link to the photo and videos.  This can be sent to the patient who is considering the treatment as well as others in your practice who may be contemplating the procedure.
  5. Text the photo or video patients so they can share with family and friends.

If a picture is worth a thousand words...just imagine what a video is worth. $$$$


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