Electronic Medical Records



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Get Rid of Paper Charts!

Are you still using paper and filing charts?

Have you thought about transitioning to Electronic Medical Records but just aren't sure where to start?  

We have transitioned hundreds of practices and trained thousands of Doctors and team members.  We can streamline the process for you and help you with where to begin.  


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Online EMR Coaching!

We have been providing online EMR coaching and training for over 15 years.

We start with an assessment of your needs and then create a plan for implementation and training.  

We can work one on one with team members as well as in groups.  

We customize all of our coaching and training and work with your schedule.


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On site EMR Training!

YES!  We still come onsite to train your team members on EMR.

Live and in person training is beneficial for many reasons.  While many people enjoy the online coaching and training, being at the office allows us to work side by side with your team members to answer the many questions that come up throughout the day while treating patients.

Please note-- we do take the appropriate precautions and follow your practice guidelines for COVID and use of PPE.


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EMR Efficiency!

So you've made the transition to EMR but it's not as efficient as you thought it was going to be.  You're spending more time on your charts, you have more paper now than when you were using paper charts, you're running behind schedule, your production has decreased, and everyone is frustrated!

We will evaluate where the inefficiencies are and implement solutions in order to increase your patient workflow and decrease your frustrations.


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