CAPTURE™: Insurance and Billing



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Insurance Verification

  • Verify benefits and eligibility for patients 
  • Verify Medical and Dental insurance as needed 
  • Create/Upload insurance verification & benefits document in patients account  
  • Obtain verification for patients scheduled same day 
  • Customize verification process for your practice 


Patient Aged Receivables

  • Send statements to patients on cycle billing rotation  
  • Send Text messages to patients regarding  balance
  • Send letters to patients regarding outstanding balance
  • Set up special phone number for patients to call regarding account/billing questions (optional)
  • Set up email with practice in order to send and receive emails via office

Insurance Claims Submission

  • File initial insurance claim w/in 24 hours of procedure via electronic or paper
  • File Medical and/or Dental claims depending upon the patients coverage
  • File insurance for procedures completed in the Office and/or Hospital
  • File pre-treatment estimates as required or as needed
  • Audit and Verify doctors notes correspond with procedures being charged to ensure accuracy of claim being submitted 
  • Audit and Verify patient insurance demographics are entered correctly
  • Attach and Send appropriate documentation and X-rays electronically


Insurance Aged Claim Tracking

  • Run reports within practice management software for list of unpaid insurance claims
  • Verify by website or phone call reasons claim is unpaid
  • Correct claim errors and resubmit to insurance
  • Resubmit claims with appropriate documentation in order to get claim processed by insurance
  • Track errors in order to train team members on correct data entry and claim submission protocols for specific insurance companies.
  • Provide documentation in patients account within the practice management software on the status of the claim
  • Provide a monthly dashboard to show progress



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