Our digital platform allows you to automate compliance protocols and trainings for each employee across all of your practice locations. More importantly, because all of our systems are integrated together, every test your employees take relating to office compliance is automatically documented into their digital human resources folder giving you instant notification and documentation of what has been passed/failed. Automated and test your employees on HIPPA, OSHA and so much more, while having automated documentation to prove your employees are compliant! 

About Dentalforce U

Printed office manuals and training materials are costly, ineffective and a thing of the past. In addition, those cannot be integrated into your human resources for proper documentation on whether your staff has effectively learned those materials. Our platform replaces outdated paper systems with a digital platform allowing you to upload training videos, materials, protocols, marketing plans and more all with digital signature capability. In addition, receive automated and customized reminders, notifications, instant in-office messaging between team members and much more!

Maximize the efficiency and productivity of your staff across multiple locations with zero downtime. Our digital platform allows you to automate and standarize your staff training and protocols across unlimited locations, while easily cross training various departments! It even provides unique clinical solutions allowing you to digitally upload images of exactly how the Doctors want their trays setup for each treatment they perform. Even better, it offers testing capability so you can put your clinical staff through testing to ensure they know exactly how these trays are supposed to be setup, instruments, needed, etc. Guess what? When they pass/fail each of those tests it automatically generates a report to their digital human resources folder documenting whether they passed/failed each specific test you put them through. 


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statistical TRAcking


Automated statistical tracking allows you to analyze all of your practices daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly with just a few simply keystrokes. No boring excel spreadsheets either as our platform adds all of the numbers for you and transforms them into a Dental Dashboard with beautiful colors, pie charts, bar graphs and more! It looks just like the photo to the right with the play button on it. Our clients tell us they now love analyzing their practice like never before because it is fun to look at and makes much more sense than it did before when the numbers were just there on an excel sheet. We believe when you actually want to look at your numbers (both the good and the bad) it will vastly improve your business across the board. 

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Human Resources

Avoid unwanted unemployment claims and lawsuits through automated employee documentation that acts as a virtual HR Manager. Our digital platform tracks your employees successes and failures, while providing automated reports into the digital HR file for each specific employee.  For example, Betty clocks in 10 minutes late today. An automated report is immediately uploaded into her digital human resources folder properly documenting this action for you. If an employee tries to log in from their phone an automated report is sent notifying you they clocked in from the wrong IP Address. These are two examples (and there are many more) of why our clients, to date, have never lost an unemployment claim. Automatically build and document employee behavior without the hassle of paperwork, manual documentation, annoying paper files and more. Receive automated notification when an employee is due for a review. Preloaded digital templates for reviews, write ups, warnings and much more! Track timesheets and how much is owed to each employee and so much more!

Welcome to DentalForceU. We specialize in providing big business solutions customized specific to the needs of dental professionals instantly making them more efficient and profitable. Our clients also experience a significant increase in production and collections as our platform standardizes all of their protocols, processes and procedures, while helping ensure their staff is trained how to follow them. 


Our platform allows our clients to take their staff training to a much-improved level and acts as a virtual HR Manager automatically recording employee behavior (both the good and bad) and documenting it into their respective digital human resources folder. In addition, we provide the only automated solution available that integrates human resources, staff training (both clinical and commercial) and statistical tracking together as one. Imagine your entire business operating via a cloud based digital office manual that eliminates paperwork, binders, manuals and much more. 

Since our digital platform is completely customizable to your specific needs, our clientele includes:

·       Dental Service Organizations (DSO's)​

·       Private/Family owned multi-location practices

·       Private/Family owned single location practices ​

If you are looking for a better and more efficient way to operate your dental practice we have the answer. We look forward to showing you why our clientele repeatedly says our platform is the best solution every offered to dental professionals.