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Lead instructors

Clinical Path (Track) 

ā€‹- General Terminology 

- Anatomy of the Mouth

- Pharmacology 

- Instruments & Tools 

- OSHA, HIPPA, & Sterilization Protocols 

Office Admin (Track) 

- General Terminology 

- Anatomy of the Mouth 

- Scheduling 

- Marketing 

- Client Communications 

- Insurance 


Dental Assistant Program

finance options

Course description

8 Specific Courses in Specified Track (Clinical or Office Admin)

1 Week Hands-on Field Training (In Live Dental Practice) 

Flight/Travel/Room for 

Upon completion of these courses you will have the skill set and knowledge to enter the oral care industry with confidence.  This course has been build to support industry leading technology and practices to make your skill set up-to-date and relevant. 

These tuition fees can be paid upon enrollment or can be paid over multiple years as you work within the dental industry.

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As with any good education, there is a cost associated.

Oralcare U is the most inexpensive way to get the relevant education you need for the industry for under $8,000.  

Get exact cost and on your need for financing terms/options.

Our courses are led by industry leading instructors and consultants.  Click below to learn more about our instructors: 

Kathy Devinny 

Sarah Leath


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