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• Verify benefits and eligibility for patients
• Verify Medical and Dental insurance as needed
• Create/Upload insurance verification & benefits document in patients account 
• Obtain insurance verification for patients scheduled same day

• Notification from Practice as soon as patient is scheduled

Insurance Verification 

Accounts receivable

• Review schedules and renegotiate with insurance carrier
• Add any new provider to the existing in-network insurance plans

• Send statements to patients immediately after insurance has paid their total portion
• Send electronic statements on cycle billing rotation 

• Update billing categories for each patient as needed
• Phone call to patients regarding outstanding balance
• Send letters to patients regarding outstanding balance
• Send to collection company/attorney upon approval by office and as per guidelines by office
• Set up special phone number for patients to call regarding account/billing questions
• Set up email with practice in order to send and receive emails via office
• Accept payments via phone

Insurance Credentialing 

• File initial insurance claim w/in 24 hours of procedure via electronic or paper
• File Medical and/or Dental claims depending upon the patients coverage
• File insurance for procedures that are Office based
• File pre-treatment estimates as required or as needed
• Follow up on existing aged insurance claims

• Complete tasks as needed to get the claim processed and paid
• File secondary claims as required/needed
• Submit claims with appropriate attachments
• Document all calls to/from insurance company in patients account
• Review claims that have been denied and work to resolve with insurance and patient to get claim paid
• Audit and Verify doctors notes correspond with procedures being charged (assures all teeth numbers are charged out correctly, no procedures are missed, anesthesia is billed appropriately, and X-rays are not missed and billed appropriately)

Insurance Billing

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